Vol. 12,
especial issue,


Special Issue edited by
Helena Mateus Jerónimo
& Pablo Rubén Mariconda


On the status and role of instrumental images in contemporary science: some epistemological issues
Hermínio Martins

Scientific research, technological innovation and the agenda of social justice, democratic participation and sustainability
Hugh Lacey

Riscophrenia and “animal spirits”:
clarifying the notions of risk and uncertainty in environmental problems

Helena Mateus Jerónimo

Technological risks, transgenic agriculture and alternatives
Pablo Rubén Mariconda

Towards a philosophy of energy
Robert-Jan Geerts; Bart Gremmen; Josette Jacobs & Guido Ruivenkamp

Technology and basic science:
the linear model of innovation

Marcos Barbosa de Oliveira

Scientometrics: the project for a science of science transformed into an industry of measurements
Renato Rodrigues Kinouchi

Complexity and information technologies: an ethical inquiry into human autonomous action
José Artur Quilici Gonzalez; Mariana Claudia Broens; Maria Eunice Quilici Gonzalez & Guiou Kobayashi